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Easiest bucephalandra?

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So I've decided to give a go at adding some buce to my scape (hopefully covering the base of a spider wood "tree"). 

I realize that the title is a bit of a contradiction, especially without CO2. 

The tank in question grows ferns, anubias, rotala r., bacopa c., swords, wisteria, dwarf sag & bulb plants without much trouble (now that we've sorted a calcium/magnesium gH shortage). Low-med light with good water flow. No major algae problems. 

As i currently understand it; they are similar to anubias in requirements, but much more sensitive to in-tank changes. 

I've seen some very nice buce growths in low tech tanks here, so obviously it's possible. 

2 part question:

1. Any suggestions as to a variety of buce to start with? 

2. I currently use a leaned out version of EI low tech weekly for my fert dosing that includes a 50% weekly water change. Should i modify the percent/frequency of the WCs & fert schedule in the interest of stability? 

Thanks for any input! 

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FWIW, I haven't found Buce to be much harder than any other rhizome plant. I haven't tried many varieties, but the ones I have do fine with low/medium light and no C02. 

Brownie Buce seems to grow the best under these conditions - a shop light and a weekly dose of easy green

I'm sure others that are more into plants will likely have more recommendations, but don't overthink it too much. 

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I honestly think you can’t go wrong with any variety. They’re similar to Anubias whereas different varieties don’t really have different care requirements. I’d suggest picking the one you like the look of the best and going for it! 🙂

Im not super familiar with EI dosing so not much help there, but I’m sure others here can offer advice.

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