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Quality of Shrimp Filters

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 I'm new to tanks and wanted to ask about shrimp pickiness with water filters. I'm planning a 5-gallon, shallow rimless tank with a group of 10 neo's. I'm planning on using a Dymax Slim Flo HOB Filter, but I wondered if shrimp need an upgraded filter. Since they already eat algae and have a low bioload, would I need to get a coarse sponge pad or something like that?


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It can be done, but I would recommend something other than Ricefish in a 5 gallon. 

Shrimp and snails are great for 5 gallons. So are Bettas. Small schools of dwarf Rasboras and the like can work, but they’re just more difficult than a Betta or a shrimp and snail tank in my personal opinion. 

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