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water clover as a floater / emersed?

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I am looking into some larger floater plants / plants I could grow emersed from my tank. I was reading an old book from the 90s about pond plants and it mentions four leaf water clover:

Screenshot2024-05-2612_42_43PM.png.a70a44fbeca40a0b3a511e9556246dc1.pngHas anyone had experience with this plant? It looks very cute so I may experiment with it as an emersed plant, as I know it does not grow well submerged in water. 

I want to mix this stuff in with hydrocotyle, creeping jenny, mint charlie, and pothos growing emersed (plus water lettuce, duckweed, water starwort and salvina as floaters)... but would it work okay? Has anyone grown this plant or had any experience with it?


(this post is a continuation of this thread) 


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I’ve seen that moss such as Christmas moss can be grown emerged, not sure if it would be huge but ya. I would go for that 4 leaf clover plant up top, it looks so cool! Just trying to give you suggestions as nobody else is here lol @clownbaby.

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