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Stocking Suggestions for 54 bowfront?

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I have a 54 bowfront, very heavily planted, Ph around 8. Currently contains 2 turqiouse rainbows, one angelfish (who is very slow-growing), a SAE, and a ropefish. Looking for some non-aggressive, but bigger fish that will not eat my fish, bully the current residents, or become an easy victim of bullying. Tank is well covered, gets around 10 hours of light a day. Any help is much appreciated, as I've tried many fish without much success, and my wallet would agree with me. I've listed the ones I've tried, as well as the ones I am considering adding.


-Terrible Ideas:

Blood Parrot (Stole and attacked ropefish for food)

Redtail Splitfin Goodeid (Not a bad fish, just a misidentified livebearer, who was aggresive and nippy)

-Didn't do too well:

Bolivian Rams (Bullying between the ones I had, one died)

Priscilla Tetras (died of disease from store, and some possibly eaten)

Bristlenose Pleco (mysteriously vanished with no trace)

Leopard Bush Fish (not terrible, just didn't want predation or aggression)

Roseline Sharks (mysteriously both died with no trace of disease, possibly because of a 2-degree drop in temp),

Clown Pleco (see above)

-Might be worth another shot:

Giant Betta Female (costly, ropefish oddly interested)

Pearl Gourami (very timid, typically gouramis hog food, but very beautiful)

Rubberlip Pleco (did fine, until I got a clown pleco that had tuberculosis, died, and then spread the disease to Rubberlip)


Rainbow Cichlid (Heard good things, unsure whether or not they will eat my plants, I think Anubias, crypts, and Java fern on wood would be fine, also worried about aggression if I get a pair)

2-3 more angelfish (I used to have 2, one died suddenly without explanation, I'd want the koi variety)

More Rainbowfish (Parva, Celebes, Praecox, Redfin Dwarf, Yellow*, etc.) *people debate on tank size for this one all day

2nd Ropefish (My current rope rarely comes out, and I feel he could use a partner)\


Let me know your thoughts! (Keep in mind that a 54 Bowfront has less swimming space than a 55)

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Possibly the geophagus and electric blue Acara are big enough. It’s going to be a tough choice. You need ones big enough to not be food, yet small enough to fit in your tank. Possibly back to the angel. Regular blue acara? 

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On 5/25/2024 at 10:39 PM, Kunersbettas said:

Bioload isn't an issue, just wondering if they might be cramped

I don’t know, I’m not allowed to have one. Looks to much like a snake to my wife. 🤣

I think it should be fine. The tank meets specs for one, adding a second usually only adds to bioload. Especially since they’re so slender. 

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