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Tanned Endler's

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Hi everyone, I wanted to ask: Should I put tannins in my Common Endler's Livebearer line breeding tank? I've never used tannins before so I have no idea wether or not to use them in this situation 😅. I'm currently breeding the Endler's livebearers ina community tank, but I want to separate them out in order to be able to properly line-breed them.

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On 5/27/2024 at 8:00 AM, Unemployed Fish Nerd said:

Ok, thanks! And would it be plausible to breed neocaridina shrimp in the same tank as the endlers_

You can try.  They will pick off some of the baby shrimp for sure, but some will survive if they have hiding places.  Put some java moss or guppy grass in there and it should work out ok 

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