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Hello from Sweden!

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Hello, maybe time to introduce ourselves. we are a couple who live in southern Sweden. my name is Alex and my girl's name is Sofia ❤️ we are trying to build a business on breeding fish! My girl has previous experience with aquariums but I am quite new to this hobby but I love it. This was the most fun hobby I've ever tried. right now we are building our fishroom in her living room. not optimal but we are looking for premises to rent and may have a premises soon! our instagram is fishybusiness2024, please come with tips and advice. Any support is greatly appreciated! we dream of one day being able to do this full time ❤️ we love aquariumcoop and my new idol is Dean. he is an amazing man. great respect for his knowledge! Kind regards Alex & Sofia ❤️



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Pleasure to have new folks join the group 😀 I hope building your business goes well and will definitely look forward to seeing you around the forum.

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Thanks to you all, yeah we find really good info here and with Coop's videos. Next project will be setting up a new rack and try to mimic deans baby fry station.  😄 we have frys everywhere!


English is not my first language so my writing is not the best maybe .. but ill do my best.. no problem with reading and listen but writing is sometimes hard 🙂

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@Unemployed Fish Nerd

Thanks man! Yeah we won an auction and bought an old shop , so we got two racks with 24 tanks ,  12 in each rack. And a hole bunch of other stuff, food, medicine,  pumps, heaters, filter media and much much more. It was really cheap. We gave like 150 bucks for everything. 

We are setting this up in her living room and dont have room for both the racks.

So now we have 12 tanks in the main rack. Yesterday we bought an another smaller rack with 6 smaller tanks. We think it would better to have the guppys in that rack.  So total it is like 18 breeding tanks, those in the main rack we can devide into smaller tanks. 

And then we have like 10 other community tanks with different setups. 

We are breeding types of guppys, Sajica, Topaz, kribensis, different types of gourami, "smiling fish" , Apistogramma, different types of shrimps, corydoras and plecos. 

This weekend we will work with the new rack and put all the guppys there .. 

We have full time work so we are working with this all our free time .. all nights long and in the weekends 



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