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Vallisneria and algue/light balance

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Hey all,

I've been scratching my head at my Val Rubra which finally started growing now,   thing is with most of my Val's I had in the past that I can't keep them from getting fuzzy around the edges or from molding on top where they meet the water surface,  It's suppose to be a medium to high lighting plant if I recall correctly and I have the lights on for around 8 hours or so.   

Anyone got some Val tips or suggestions to keep them healthy looking?


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My flow is pretty good,  recently upgraded to a FX2 and everything's flowing calmly in the wind and did a 50 percent water change last week but I'll keep doing it every week and see if it improve some.

I have a Rubra val and two jungle fal/gigantea or how ever you want to call the big versions,  the Rubra grows steadily now but my two other have not really grown at all since I planted them a month and change ago,  both made one runner but have not grown themselves oddly enough.  

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