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Stocking question for my 90 gallon

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Currently I have 15 medium tiger barbs and 3 filament barbs (about 4 inches) in the tank. Everyone gets along.

I tried adding a few Roseline Sharks that were the same size as the filament barbs, and it did not go well. The filament barbs would not stop chasing and nipping the sharks.

I am wondering what I could add at this point given that the Filament Barbs seem settled and aggressive. Someone suggested a Severum that is bigger than the filaments. Someone else suggested Blue Arcaras. I was thinking another school of a different kind of tiger barb.

Any help is appreciated!

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On 5/21/2024 at 10:27 PM, thecobra333 said:

was thinking another school of a different kind of tiger barb.

Honestly, I like the barb idea. Barbs can be a bit feisty. Pairing them with other barbs is a great idea. Odessa’s would be cool. Gold barbs. Green tigers. 6 banded or mascara. Just a ton of barbs. Most with a bit of attitude. Could really get a ton of color and movement.

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I have a barb tank (40 gallons) with Tiger and Odessa barbs. "The Thunderdome" is quite appropriate as the Odessa barbs are quite hyper. My first Odessa were from PetCo, they didn't color up very well. I bought my second batch online, much better colors. I wanted to buy from Select Aquatics but they have very steep shipping charges.

You can also add a school of rosy barbs and I have a Rainbow shark in the tank.

For an active tank, get some Odessa




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