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Where are the houseplant humans?

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Could I probably figure this out on my own by doing some research? Yes. But isn’t it more fun to ask people on the forum? Also yes.



Ive had this guy for two years. It looks like a houseplant Anubias😂😂

My sister left it at home when she left for college so I started watering it and put it in my room (which, mind you, has the most horrible lighting you could ask for). 
Somehow this thing completely took off and thrived despite me neglecting it and giving it the worst possible light

I have no idea what it is. Help.😂


Today I literally split this thing into three pots. All of those were growing in the doggo pot. I don’t know how this thing didn’t die, it was so cramped in there!!

So, my houseplant peoples… any idea what this guy is? I’m curious!

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Posted (edited)

Definitely a philodendron of some sort. Looks like 2 different types though. The one with the white striping I'm guessing is a philodendron birkin, and the one with the redish stem in the round bumpy pot kinda looks like a philodendron red congo. I might be wrong though 

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