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Help possible parrasites in my fish?

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Throughout the course of about 2 months I have watched this happen to about 6 fish. Basically they will begin too look like they are struggling for air so they will sit at the top almost all day others will sit on bottom breathing very fast. After about 24 hours of this they never fail to poop a rhin gooey white strand. I am starting to dose my tank with pariza pro to kill perrisites. My firecracker swordtail is the newest victom of this after my anglefish died the same way about 3 days ago. My firecracker is still alive but acting lethargic and acts like its low on air. Other fish in my tank are doing great with no issues at all until i notice anymore that do that next if it happens again. I finally was able to scoop up one of these poops and got a picture of it. Can anyone help identify what is wrong. The small white thing in the net is that poopIMG_5188.jpeg.c1c823b81d94c7f0db21b93a22b2364e.jpeg

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That looks like poop with just the mucus lining that can be cause when your fish hasn't been eating or a parasitic infections can you post a picture of the Sick fish what are your water parameters ammonia nitrite nitrate pH KH GH temperature any loss of appetite sunken belly spitting food out flashing red Gill's @funnyseedknapp

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