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Vacuum Removal of Substrate Cap


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I want to vacuum up the gravel and and sand cap of my original organic soil tank so that I can redo the layering. What size tubing do I need to do this so that it won’t clog on the gravel?

I know that this will be a bit of a mess, but I’m not worried about it.

Now that I have my substrate sifters, I can separate the layers, get rid of the digital camo sand, and get the cap layers to match the more successful layers of my subsequent tanks.


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20 minutes ago, Streetwise said:

Never mind. I did it by hand.

I was about to suggest that. I recently discovered that it takes a high power of suction to lift sand, let alone gravel. Bernoulli tells us that a larger diameter hose will exert less pressure and go slower...hence I think you would have trouble getting enough suction from a regular siphon thru a hose big enough to admit gravel. Something like a manual bilge pump might do it, if you (as a sailor) know what I am talking about, but that seems like a lot of effort, and likely even messier.

Glad you got it sorted! I had a long list of tasks tonight, none of which got done, because I spent hours watching my 3 new pea puffers. 🙂

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