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Cory with an extra long barbel?

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Hi everyone, it’s been a while, but my two remaining cories are doing so great and they are very fat and happy now that I have fixed the gh and kh, turns out that was the issue all along and I haven’t had any problems since, knock on wood haha. 
Tonight I was feeding the two cories, I noted that one has an extra long barbel with a little…I can only describe it as a split end on the tip? It’s very hard to get a picture of as the cory is very active and my camera sucks but has anyone heard of this or know what it is? I’m pretty confident it’s the barbel and not something that’s in its mouth but I’m very confused by it. 
I don’t know if this is applicable but its fins also seemed to have grown to be more flow-y now, not like a long fin cory but longer?? I’m not sure. 6F3D548C-A300-46DD-ACB2-196F8AA4C159.jpeg.083911187156270a02eca1fa60c42fdf.jpeg 

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