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Honey or Sunset Gourami?

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I would say honey. It looks like a lighter version of one, all of them can be slightly different. It looks like a honey,  this picture says it’s a honey gourami. And it looks similar to yours


Just a bit more red.

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It’s a Sunset Honey Gourami, T. chuna. The difference between this and a regular gold honey gourami is just color. It’s like the difference between 2 different strains of guppy.

Sunset gourami is sometimes a common name for red thicklip gourami, which this is not, incase thats you’re asking.

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On 5/19/2024 at 7:14 AM, Rose_Wolf said:

Hello, I recently bought what are supposed to be honey gourami. Specifically, gold honey gourami. Can I get confirmation, please? 



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Edit: Thanks for answering 🙂

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