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20 gallon long planted aquarium guppy breeding

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Hello guys I am new to the hobby have had this 20 gallon long for 3 months I have 5 silvertips 5 whiteclouds 4 male guppys 11 females about half of them are pregnant I have a 10 gallon tank I was wondering if any would survive in the 20 it's heavily planted lots of hiding spots I also do have a fluval breeder box I'm wondering how to exactly approach this situation in between jobs low on money the 10 gal is shitty setup the 20 gal has a very good setup answering everyone 

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Hey there.  Welcome. 

So would any guppy fry survive in your 20 gallon tank with its current setup?  There is always a chance, but there are things you can do to increase your odds if your looking for that. 
Keep your fish well fed, less need for them to hunt fry.  Provide as much cover as you can for the fry, the better they can hide the better odds they survive. 

Is your 10 galling tank setup already?  Does it have any occupants?  If you want to keep the fry it may be to your advantage to move the pregnant guppies into their own tank or the breeder box to protect the fry.  Less fish to hunt the fry the better odds they survive.  With many fish in a community tank setup there isn’t any guarantee the fry survive, just things you can do to help increase their odds 

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The 10 gal would give you better survival rates.
1. You wouldn't have to worry about predation from the white clouds and other guppies.
2. The fry will have a better chance of getting food without competition from the adult fish.

If you did want to keep everything in a 20, a nice glob of floating plants will keep them safer and act as a nursery.

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Posted (edited)

What works great for me is I move my 3 or 4 super pregnant female guppies into a plastic canvas cage similar to the one that this video shows…

It is in a 10 gallon tank. Once a week I move the females that have given birth back to the main guppy tank and move the new fry to a fry grow out tank for 1-2 weeks to make sure they are too big to eat, before they go back to the community tank. 

Good luck!

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