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Need recommendations for filter for 20 long

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I have a 20 gallon long that sits on my kitchen counter underneath the cabinets. I use both a Marina S15 and a Marina S20 for filtration (Amazon). I bought them because they are slim in design and don't stick up very tall. I used to have two tanks but now I'm down to just the 20 long so that's why I'm running both of them. I'm not happy with the power of the motors though. I'm also unclear on the efficiency based on the design. Four separate chambers and I can't figure out if the water actually flows through all of them efficiently.
 Does anyone have a recommendation on a relatively slim design HOB that is powerful? Money isn't an issue. I have 5 inches of clearance between the back of the tank and the wall. TY!


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I run an AquaClear 20 on my 20g long; and I love it. Throw an Aquarium Co-Op mini pre-filter sponge on the intake; and you're good to go. 

A very reliable, easy to use, and quiet HOB. 

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