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Echinodorus Reni color

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Will this plant keep its reddish leaves in a 20 long low tech tank if it gets 8-10 hours of light plus Easy Green, Iron and root tabs? I'm trying to find plants that will keep their darker leaves in this setup. Aside from Red Tiger Lotus, most of my plants fade back to green after a couple months. I can't afford an expensive light, so I'm using cheap lights I get on Amazon. The tank has a sand substrate btw. 

Echinodorus Reni.jpg

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I don't think keeping reddish hughes is so much about lighting. Imo coloration is more about nutrition, my tiger lotus seemed to get almost purple with a lower phosphate dose. Ludwigia tripple red, seems red(er) with lower nitrates. As far as that particular plant im not sure if it will keep its color. I do know that my mellon sword (rip) kept its color while using an all~in~one so your chances are good IMO

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