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Where to rent par meter

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What kind of places rent out par meters so I can see how much light my aquarium plants are getting under water? I dont live near big cIties, pretty rural. Idk where to start. These are my plants, would I even need to rent since they’re pretty low light? I was thinking about getting 2 18w 24-36” fluval aquasky 2.0 for an aquarium 72.5” in length. 1 comet goldfish (hybrid i think with common) 16 years old. 10.5” in length.Thank you guys

Amazon sword-


Java Fern-


Java moss- 

Anubias frazeri-


Amazon frog bits-

Water spangles-

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To the best of my knowledge, those are all pretty low light plants. While I don’t know the par of the aquasky, I would bet that it gives more than enough par for any of those plants. 

If you’re worried about it, get ACO lights and take out all the guess work with their par testing they did. 

I will say that I run Aquaneats on 13 of my 14 tanks, and I don’t really have any issues. That being said, I stick with plants that do well in my water and with those lights. 

Personally, I would worry less about par, and more about “what plants thrive in my water”, especially with a goldfish. 

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