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Odd Creature

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It looks like some kind of bug, possibly a silverfish or some other kind of isopod. Google it and see if the images match what you're seeing.

There is this PDF that explains common microorganisms found in water, you might be able to find a match here. https://www.msnucleus.org/watersheds/mission/plankton.pdf


*DISCLAIMER: I am not an expert on this kind of thing, I just thought it might help.*

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The pictures are hard to tell, but I do love aquatic insects. I can try to help, but I need more info!

  1. How many tails does it have?
  2. How many legs does it have, if any?
  3. Describe the texture. Is it slimy like a worm, or solid like a snail's shell? Or does it have the same texture as an isopod [aka pill bug / rolly-polly / potato bug]? Or something else?
  4. How does it swim? Does it swim? Does it suction to the glass?

Right now, I would say it could be a drainy fly nymph, aquatic springtail, marsh beetle larvae, stonefly larvae, waterlily beetle larvae, or something else. 

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Yeah I agree it’s a silverfish you can kinda tell that it’s a land bug because underwater it’s body is silvery indicating trapped oxygen against its tracheae to allow it to breathe underwater for a short duration.


Despite being known as a household pest they are often found in dark moist habitats often close to streams and caves where they digest wood and decaying plant matter.

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