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Shrimp Genetics Experiments


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Right now I have a 1.8 gallon tank that is sitting pretty useless.

I was thinking that a 1.8gallon tank with an oversized matten filter could be great for shrimps, which i have a ton of right now. So i plan on using the tank to conduct some shrimp genetics experiments (When i cross x color with y color, what color(s) are the offspring). i've removed all the shrimp that were in the tank but i'm waiting a day or two before adding plants and my breeder shrimp just to make sure all unwanted shrimp (Genetic contaminants) are out of the tank


My first cross was a snowball shrimp with a red shrimp and all the offspring are red, so i can guess the punnet square would look like shown below. Their offspring are one of the groups i want to use in the new shrimp testing tank by my basic punnet square genetics, crossbreeding the offspring should give me 1 or 2 more snowball shrimps, which i could then breed with orange shrimps and so on. Just a fun little nerd-project i'm doing that i wanted to share.


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On 5/13/2024 at 9:11 PM, AdamS said:

Do you have a particular goal in mind or just documenting your findings to find out all the options?

right now I am just messing around and documenting my findings

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