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Tank mates for Hillstream (Butterfly) loaches

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I have a 200 gallon aquarium with skimmer/overflow circulating through a sump shared with a 75 gallon tank with similar overflow plumbing. I have red mangroves growing in the 75 tank. Till recently, I did not have any fish in the mangrove tank. The larger tank has 4 severums, a breeding pair of electric blue acaras, an albino pleco, eight tetras, two oto catfish, and two hillstream loaches. Recently, I discovered that there were a bunch of fry living in the sump. My daughter, whose eye-hand coordination is better than mine, was able to catch them and I put them in the mangrove tank. I assume these are the result of breeding by the two adult loaches in the main tank. I do not know why they ended up in the sump, but there we are. One of my observations about these fry in the mangrove tank is before they were introduced into that tank there was a thick film of green algae all over the sand substrate and glass. Within a couple of days, this was all gone. I have been feeding these babies pleco and algae wafers as well as spirolina flakes since then. I have been thinking of putting other tank mates in the  mangrove tank, maybe something that would not work with the other fish in the main tank. Any suggestions? Despite what some others have posted about these loaches, I only have one small powerhead in the mangrove tank and the current does not seem to be very strong. The main tank has a number of power heads attached to a wave maker controller.

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My hillstream tank does not have high flow.  With them I have kept a wide variety of fish. My favorite are my Sawbwa resplendens rummy nose rasbora, also CPD, Danio erythromicron, Aspidora spilotus, Corydora melini, Psuedomugil gertrudae, Psuedomugil luminatas.

All these cohabitated very well and would adore a mangrove forest. 

I would love to see your mangrove forest. If you get a chance please post a photo.  My red mangroves grow but so slow they seem like plastic plants. 

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