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CaribSea FloraMax v. Shrimpies

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I looked it up (haven't used it before so take this as only my thoughts) but I don't see anything that just screams "this product will kill all your shrimp". Whenever in doubt (and really for any shrimp tank) I would run the tank planted for a few months and keep an eye on your water parameters. Then when you feel like things have stewed long enough and you have plenty of algae and micro flora/fauna in the tank give a small batch of shrimp a try.

For me I have quite a few shrimp spread across multiple tanks so I would choose a few brave souls for the expedition and if extra worried I would drip acclimate them to the new tank and keep an eye on them during the drip acclimation to see if they start freaking out. If so would halt the expedition, rinse in water from the original tank and add them back to the initial tank.

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