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Amazing plants!


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I tried plants in my aquariums from age 5 through 35 when I took a break from the hobby.  No love.  Back then it was so hard to get good information, other than what I could glean from LFS folks and dusty old books in the library.  Huge failure.

I'm in my mid-60's now, almost approaching that desirable Granny demographic.  About a month ago I fell asleep watching YouTube, and woke in the middle of the night to a video of some guy talking about planted aquariums.  I blame it on subliminal marketing, but three weeks ago I decided to revisit the hobby  .  I purchased around 18 (and more on the way) plants from Aquarium Coop for my 4 low and medium light tanks that are brand new and doing fishless cycles.

For the first time in my life, I think I have a chance for success with aquatic plants!  My Vals arrived slightly melted, but immediately perked up and have both thrown off runners.  The Cryps did not melt at all!  The Java fern looked a little stressed, but it's throwing off plantlets from the leaf tips.  Anubias are thriving and making new leaves.  Everything else looks good, too.  I'm leaving them in the pots until the hardscaping is done being shuffled around , and I have a better idea of the final positions of the filters, heaters etc.  

I'm so grateful for not only the good plant stock, but the loads on information that has given me the confidence to start again.  I'm also confident that I can come here and get help when I need it.  

And I adore the bladder snails.


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Awesome story! Wishing you great success as you begin again. Sometimes the plants really surprise me. A strong-looking one might melt away, but a wimpy-looking one may perk up and just grow and grow. I love just watching what they will do. 🙂 

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