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Increase GH in ranchu goldfish tank

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Ammonia 0

nitrite 0

nitrate 20ppm

ph 7.4

gh 3dH

kh 8dH

I read that goldfish healthy in hard water so I thinking to increase my water hardness to 15dGH and 10dKH. So I have seachem equilibrium in hand but not sure if I understand it correctly. My questions are: Is the 15dGH too high or too low for the fishes and plants in the tank? Is it safe for the fishes if pH wings to 8? 
Thank you everyone!

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Goldfish are about as hardy as they come, IME. 

I'd recommend against the Equilibrium and use crushed coral instead. Its a much more gradual way to accomplish your goal, and will put less stress on the fish. 

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