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How Low to Set My Dimmer? || Low Tech

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Hi Folks!

First post. Anyhoo. I’ve been having problems with the plants in my tank growing but also melting. Older leaves on all species are affected. 

Based on a video by Girl Talks Fish, I decided one possible solution might be to lower my lighting levels so my plants don’t burn through their nutrients as quickly. 

So I purchased a dimmer for my light. My light is a Twinstar 90B, which is already the lowest level light that Twinstar sells. 

I set it to run 8 hours. It has 8 lighting levels, and I arbitrarily chose the middle level. (“Level 4”)

So um is there any way to know if this is a good setting? I ask because with low-tech tanks, there is often a delayed reaction of several weeks to any changes that you’ve made. I’d like some Idea of whether I am on the right track, if that’s possible to know. 

(and of course there’s the possibility that my lighting levels are not at fault, but that’s for another day.)


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How long has your tank been set up with the plants, and what plants etc.    Because some melting if old growth could be that your plants were grown emersed and are converting to submerged.etc.

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Good question. I’ve had these plants for years and they used to do better. At this point all growth on these plants has happened in my tank. 

The common problem seems to be that that plants can’t “handle” getting to certain sizes. 

My red leaf lotus continues to make new little leaves, but as soon as any leaf starts to get big, it melts. As a result the plant including all leaves takes up no more space than my fist. 

On my stem plants, the older leaves start to look frayed around the edges, even as new growth happens and the plants get taller. 

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