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Snail eating loach for 10 gallon


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I am a huge Cory and Aquarium Co-op fan. After getting my daughter a Betta I started watching videos to learn how to take care of it and found Aquarium Co-op and ended up watching in full and liking nearly every single channel video. I am in the hobby because of Cory and got a 29 gallon tank.   

I have a huge gold mystery snail, a medium size red racer nerite snail, pygmy corys, Celestial Pearl Danios, Kuhli loaches, large Amano shrimp and full grown cherry shrimp in a 29 gallon. I got a crazy infestation of bladder snails after buying plants. I think it was the Christmas Moss Bridge,  

I cut back on feedings and the Danios did start to nip at the eggs. I use Easy Green. The algae was kinda out of control before and so the snails helped. There is very little algae these days but still way too many bladder snails. I worry about my fish not getting enough food plus there being too much bio load from the crazy number of snails and their poop. Also, I've been adding Tums to make sure the shrimps don't run out of calcium. I keep getting tons of the bladder snails out and donating them to my local fish store to feed to their puffers but there's always so many more. I am getting really fed up with them.

I really like my Mystery and Nerite Snails. So I can't get assassin snails. I have looked at maybe getting Rosy Loaches or a YoYo Loach for a while then giving back to the store when it got too big? Are there any other options? Anything I can get that will only eat the baby bladder snails? 

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I have 3 khuli loaches in my 29. They ignore my large ramshorns, but my bladder snail population started becoming discarded empty shells on the bottom, and I seem to have no young snails anymore. I don't KNOW the khulis are doing it, but they seem the most likely to manage to remove the snail and leave the shell intact. They are also incredibly fat. I still need a population reduction for my larger ramshorns...

On the other hand, my kid has 3 khulis too. And bladder snails. 

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