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Cory eggs


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Hi everyone!


One of our Cory’s has laid eggs and we’ve never had eggs before so I’d really appreciate suggestions on what to do! I’d love to give them the best chance of survival.


We’ve had them for about a year and no eggs, but we transferred everyone into a much larger, more varied and more planted aquarium so I’m hoping this is a sign that they’re happy!


Absolutely any advice at all appreciated. I’m not sure if this is useful information but have molly’s, neon tetra, cherry barbs, Kigali loaches, a few types of Cody’s, some snails and a few shrimp. Lots of plants, sand, gravel and a CO2 diffuser. I also still have our old tank full of water + heated, just with no fish.


Many thanks!

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Not sure how useful this will be a week after your initial post, but I wanted to chime in and say I followed the instructions GoofyGarra outlines in the comment above and it was successful!  Just went through another spawn with my albino Corys, and I'm doing it again with the only difference being the addition of a drop of Methylene Blue to the spawning container. Last time I lost several eggs to fungus, and unfortunately life is a little too busy for me to catch that soon enough every time.  Figured maybe the chemicals will give me a little more time to react to that, if nothing else.

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