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Juwel Rio 350

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So I plan on getting a Juwel Rio soon, and I have a few questions.

1. I plan on removing the internal filter that comes with the tank, so should I leak test (fill up tank and leave for a few days) before I remove it as this will void the warranty?

2. If I were to remove the filter, what would be the easiest way of going about this? Would fishing line work? And how would I get rid of the excess silicone on the glass.

3. I am going to use an FX6 instead of the internal filter and apparently the pipes don’t fit through the gaps on the back of the tank, so I will need to cut out part of the lid. How should I do this?

Any answers are appreciated.

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The first one ya I would no reason not to the

second one there’s videos on doing this basically using something flat and sharp to cut the silicone as for a he residue scrape it off with a razor blade very carefully. If you really want  Use some acetone to get rid of the little bit of stuff that would be left.

snd I can’t tell how the back is made so I’m not sure but a drill or multi tool might work depending on how it’s made 


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