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Java Moss for Aquarium Co-op?

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@Cory I came across a video where you were talking about wanting local folks to sell you Java moss but they were never prepared to sell an amount equal to the demand there is for it.

For selling, would you be looking for a bags of a certain number of pounds of bulk Java moss, or would you be looking a certain number of Java moss that’s already sewn on to 2.75 x 2.75” mesh?

And is there a minimum amount you’re looking for on a regular basis?

Sorry if you answered this already—I was drifting off to sleep and just remember you generally talking about looking for Java moss.

Also, I was able to finally visit the Co-op in-person! Picked up the last of the Pygmy Corys. Customer service was so warm and friendly and it was a breath of fresh air 🙂

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For the retail store a bucket packed down that was 50-75% full would last maybe 1 weekend. As for online sales, we'd want mesh and can sell 300-500 of them a week? Currently we can order roughly 20 a week...

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