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Tiny round white bugs.

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Did my first dirtied tank and dry start method.  Seems to be going pretty well.   I even put one red stem plant in there.  Ludwigia something or other.  Only one stem.  It’s red and is getting bushy and big.  Anyway, I now have about 15 little white bugs swimming around.  I’d guess they were in the potting soil.  I have 10 shrimp in the tank ,too.  I think half are dead.  The next day they all show up.  Wish they didn’t hide so much.  What do you think the bugs are?   Seem harmless. Thanks, Sam

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The most common ones are and what they look like

- Seed shrimp: like tiny poppyseeds

- Cyclops: like tiny elongated horseshoe crabs 

- Scuds: like little sand fleas

- Daphnia: like a sesame seed with flappy arms

They're free food for fish

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Scuds I think.  They are reproducing like crazy. When I add fish, they will go nuts. Might turkey baster them out and feed some other tanks.  Holy cow.  Haven’t seen a red shrimp in the tank for a couple days.  Just saw a baby red shrimp on the back glass.  Hopefully, a few more.  Some of the other females look full, too. 

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