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My picture is not great however I hope you can help me figure this out.  I have shrimp, Ramshorn snails and a few Tetras in my tank.  Today I looked over my tank and this was on the side.  There is a snail hanging on the bottom but what is the rectangular thing on the glass.  I looks like there is something inside.What2.jpg.91a8aa91910f828375e0f9314f74f94f.jpg

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Looks like more ramshorn snails.  A couple (or maybe a trio?) of larger ones (much smaller than the biggest one in the pic) plus a couple more tiny ones hanging off the “medium” ones.  Ramshorns look quite flat and proportionately wider when they are smaller than pea sized.  They get a bit less “square” looking as they grow and you can start to see that one side of the whorl is indented further as they grow.

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