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Hello. I started keeping goldfish in March. My daughter 10 wanted a goldfish for a long time. After schools closed I told her I would buy her what she needed to get her goldfish if she wrote a proposal on goldfish keeping and pricing on everything we need to buy. It took her a few weeks but she completed the research. 
I ordered everything we needed and she decided she wanted a butterfly telescope. We ordered online and asked for one that is white as possible and “with a big personality”.

Few weeks later a box labeled “live fish” arrived. It contained a plakat betta and four ottos! (Of course I didn’t know what they were and I had frantically work to identify them). I called the online company and they agreed to send us the goldfish. We put the betta in the 10 gallon we had prepared for the goldfish. Now I had to figure out where to put the goldfish that will arrive. After much discussion and advice from a goldfish group I decided that since we already had a betta fish, I will get a divider for the 10 gallon and put the two bettas in there. I worked on getting a new tank off of FB and located a 29 gallon with all accessories. 
Next day we spent the day setting up the new tank. At the end of the day we noticed a box in front of our back door! Life Fish! Our goldfish arrived! The company had said it would probably be next week before they ship, but never mind! We welcomed our new telescope. 
A week passed and the new fish settled in nicely and betta fish had their divider. Then another fish arrived! Another telescope! 
So order for one telescope resulted in three fish plus 4 ottos! Over the next few months my daughter and I loved our goldfish and betta friends and learned about fish keeping. We added a little ranchu to the family in July. 
Then much to our surprise a new box with “Live Fish” arrived in our mailbox! Inside was a bronze telescope with a delta tail! Apparently the company’s order system has a glitch and reprocessed our order. 

By this time I was fully engrossed in goldfish keeping. They are so adorable and they have such silly personalities! 
My daughter and I just ordered four new fish (different company this time) and got a 55 gallon yesterday! Our fishy journey continues!



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Great story and some nice looking Gold fish you have there. I have a 400L aquarium in storage that needs fixing the leaks and currently don't have space to set it up. BUT in my next house where I have space (hopefully) , that tank will either be a gold fish tank or Angels.


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