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Filter Hack Challenge for Cory and his team

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Cory will probably never see this,  but I've always enjoyed his videos on filter hacks. My challenge to him and his team is to vastly improve the filtration for one of the very first aquarium kits... the Oase BiOrb or the Orb of death.

The filtration system is notoriously inadequate and makes a planted tank nearly impossible.  A solution has been offered by FilterPro out of the UK involving filter pads and what they call biogravel, but it's quite costly.  Cory, I think you're team can do better! Hope you accept the challenge because it's a very nice looking product, but has been responsible for the early demise of many fish 

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Maybe no filter whatsoever? I kept a 2 liter jar on my bedside table with a few shrimp and Anubias in there for a couple of months and they ended up doing rather well. I didn't use a cover, so regular topping up may have helped.

Alternatively, Maybe just a plain old relaible  sponge filter could work.

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