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Bulging and Pit Concern for Snake'y


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Hi Everyone,

At the moment the parameters are

Ph: 7.4-7.6

Ammonia: 0.25 (I squeezed out the bubble filters during a water change and tank cleaning today, so that might be the reason, keeping it conditioned)

Nitrite: 0

Nitrate: 10-20

Gh: 200

Kh: 100

Temp: 76 F

I have been monitoring my favorite fish (Snake'y) for the past month now and documenting his condition. I have not noticed any major behavior changes and he still seems to be behaving normally. He likes to swim against the window when I look like I am about to be him. Just less happy with me since I moved him into the hospital tank (30g) with two bubble filters. Originally I set up the hospital tank to treat a mild fin fungus problem when I noticed other problems. First I noticed a small hole or pit in the right side of his face and then I noticed some bulging in his torso over the course of late February-early March. Like one of his sensory pits was swelling for some reason or maybe a hole in head (Although I don’t think it is a hole in head). I am not sure what the deal with the pit is, I may have been an infection of a sensory pit or hole in head. Or something else my be going on.

I fishless cycled the hospital tank for two weeks before the move and treated Snake’y with first salt (up to 3 tbsp per 5 gallons) and almond leaves, then Kanaplex (to cover potential bacterial and fungal issues) and then prazi-pro (to cover any parasitic issues) Meanwhile is mostly behaving normally. My fish is not lethargic nor staying in a single place for a long time. Although in the hospital tank there is a lot less to look at and do so he might be sitting around more. Though he still swims towards the class when he is excited for food. 

With the bulge on the left side of his body, I am not sure what to do next. There is one possibility that it is a tumor as a result of old age. I got Snake’y as a rescue from my local fish store years ago. So he may have been 1-1.5 years old when I got him, and I had him for 2.75 years at this point. Their average life span is stated at around 4 years in captivity and up to 6 with great care and presumably luck. I still have some general cure and fungus clear tabs I can try and have on hand. However, if it is a tumor there is no way to cure it. 😞 The focus then becomes to return him to his home and keep him happy.

The these photos was from August 2021 and November 2023 as a reference,PXL_20210830_135516061.jpg.cb0eb5bc96b87cedd80e98c0532ce937.jpg20231126_192900.jpg.1c163bd4b7ffcbee928f6a2299c2ab42.jpg

the second and third shows the pit from a month ago, Top down photos are to try to show bulging, 


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The fact the it been bulging on one side for over a month and shown no improvement after multiple treatments could be an internal mass more than likely benign or cancerous growth treatment wise there's not much you can do I stop treatment just focus on his quality of life I would put him back in the main it's something that won't affect the other fish and monitor for now if you notice any deterioration give us an update 

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Hello everyone, I am here to update on Snake'y I put him back in his tank. He had normal behavior for a week and a half until recently in the past few days he became lethargic and eats little. (all the other fish are behaving normally) I usually need to tong feed him to ensure that he is eating something morning and evenings. He also mostly hang outs in a few spots while staying near or at the bottom. He is still able to go up for air and generally move around. I have also noticed that he developed a new patterned on one side of his body that is vertical dark perforated stripe. Unfortunately he may have grown a bit wider since our last post. The one positive is that his pit (on the right side of his face) seems to be reduced.

However, I don't know if anything can be done for him, unless anyone has any suggestions? 

Plan to feed more (emerald entre) for now. 






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