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Greetings! Just found out about this forum from the podcast. I'm thrilled to be in the community and plan to share an intro later, but I'm trying to get an answer to a question so I can finish up a plant order!

Between the Easy Root Tabs and Easy Green, which would be best for a five gallon tank? I'm planning on planning some vals and possibly amazon sword. Some simple stuff that can provide some cover for the fish and be nice to look at.

Can I get away with just root tabs? If Easy Green is geared to be 1 pump for 10 gals, can you get half a pump?

The tank has been running for about a year. I've had some mixed luck with plants thus far. No additional ferts beyond the bio-load from 6 white clouds, a nerite, and one happy amano shrimp. I had some taiwan moss that went crazy, I trimmed back and then it died. Live and learn!


Thanks all!

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The type of fertilizer you should use depends on the plants rather than tank size. Since you've expressed interest in Vallisneria and Amazon swords I would recommend root tabs because they are both heavy root feeders! The Aquarium Co-Op website is also really good about labeling which fertilizers are recommended for a given plant if you're ever unsure, though this only really applies to species that they sell.

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