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DIY water change kit


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Just want to share my DIY water change kit. It is cheaper and more effective than a python. It is also pressure resistance. You can drain and refill using the same hose. You can easily change between vacuum or hook. Quick connect the siphon bulb at the end of the hose to drain. Once done draining. Quick connect to a garden faucet adapter to refill. You really only need the vacuum but the hook is a nice addition. 


Hose repair quick connect x2 (one on each end on the hose)

Female quick connect (connect to a garden faucet)

Laifoo siphon bulb

1/2" clear vinyl tubing

*Indoor: garden hose faucet diverter 


Gravel vacuum

Garden hose shut off valve

1" clear acrylic tube

3D printer strainer cap

Silicone bonded tape


PVC hook

Garden hose shut off valve

Male quick connect

1/2 slip x 3/4" FHT fitting

1/2" 24" PVC pipe (8" PVC U-bend using a steel spring tube bender over a kitchen gas stove)

1/2" PVC coupling

1/2" PVC elbow

1/2" slip strainer






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