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Sciurus' Journal

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This is my journal to document my aquariums as they grow over time, and to note things that I learn along the way!
I'm a highschooler with 3 aquariums, a 10 Gallon shrimp tank, 10 gallon Endler tank, and a 29 gallon community tank.
image.jpeg.3bcf63b6227801ac7f33e0d1df5b952c.jpegThis was my first real aquarium I set up 2 years ago, my 10 Gallon Endler jungle. Two years later it looks like this...image.jpeg.26d218b36068e64ced81e8881bd2a388.jpega very overgrown mess, but a fully self sustaining ecosystem without the need of a filter or that regular of water changes.
 Last summer I set up this tank as a community tank, image.jpeg.9b771798051a731716d49fbd149ebd94.jpeg6 months later it looks like this, and is currently stocked with a Bolivian ram named Maki, a plethora of neocaridina shrimp and snails, a yellow BN pleco named pudding, and 3 sparkling gouramis named Sa, Shi, and Mi. Maki however is refusing to eat, probably due to internal parasites so this tank is currently being treated with paracleanseimage.jpeg.2c71cd73f95a712a13ffb0f0ba4dd88c.jpegLastly, my shrimp tank that I set up 2 weeks ago. 

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Well, Its been a while. Kinda forgot I even made a journal. 
Anyway, since I last posted, I have lost my Ram and one gourami, everyone else is doing great though!

Shrimp tanks growing in well, pearl weeds starting to carpet! 
I've already got shrimplets in here to! 
Here's the endlers energetic and hungry as always

image.jpeg.ca2fa7a7fc17b4a4a54fabbb20fc36a8.jpegimage.jpeg.83ef0f1a6c723bc41f90ef108fe142d8.jpegMy sparkling gourami and pleco are getting more outgoing as well
image.jpeg.990b0ff05cd1d825a8d4cd1e0b0e3a3a.jpegI also made this terrarium using pearl weed and hydrocotle as a carpet which turned out to work quite well. 
image.jpeg.c1fbeab4041e5dca0be8aa508725999a.jpegLastly, I've been experimenting with a new 29 gall paludarium layout for hillstream loaches, don't know if this is my final design yet though. 

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I hate planting monte carlo
After the big auction last week I got a bunch of monte carlo and used it to hopefully carpet this tank, but it kept floating up and took forever to plant.
In my limited experience of plants, this is probably the most annoying to plant by far.image.jpeg.01340ebbe90e93ebfddfbd4639a1dcc2.jpegI also got a massive bag of vallisneria and added that to my other tankWhatsAppImage2024-04-28at21_08.54_0c17ac68.jpg.be28d7b33e0753eae9d498a242211e53.jpgIt was originaly intended for a stream tank with hillstream loaches later, but thats no where near being done any time soon. 
This tank also has a massive mass of pearlweed that started as cuttings that just floated to the top which i never removed. It just feels so sad to part with it and through it away even though it doesn't look the best, and thus i havn't removed it. The shrimp love it though.
WhatsAppImage2024-04-28at21_13.26_cff53837.jpg.14362b8f1a0451999b68e5bf6f0f0852.jpgI did some much needed maintenance on my endler tank and pulled out a bunch of floaters along with somewhat cleaning the glass. The log in their is still covered in BBA though... oh well
One of the female endlers did pass away, presumably from old age, as it was 2 1/2ish and didn't look to be sick at all.

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Found another dead endler, bringing the total to around 7 dead in the past 2 weeks. This makes me start thinking if its something other than old age. Thus I moved some of the endlers to my quarantine tank, a half filled 20 gallon tall.


Besides that, my sparkling gourami was showing its colors today


And here's pudding chilling on the glass per usual.


My shrimp tank has turned into my random plant tank as well. I just threw in a flame sword, vallisneria, and monte carlo, as i currently don't have a place to put them.



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Well its been a really long time since i've updated this. With school ending I was just way too busy. Anyway kinda a sad update, over the last month pretty much all my endlers have died. I managed to rescue 4, 1 female and 3 males which i've separated into 2 bins cuz the female looked questionable while the males looked fine. I then scrapped the tank they were in and cleaned it. I'm planning on using it as a hillstream loach breeding project once i find space for my remaining endlers to go. 
On top of that, my pleco seems to have camellanus worms, he's managed to survive with them for two weeks though without any further symptoms. 
Because I tore down my prior endler tank, i finally finished setting up my other 29gal as i needed a place to put all my plants from the previous endler tank


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Yesterday we were looking into my QT setup for my last female endler and somehow, there were fry!!image.jpeg.d99653624b62d9f7308f75843c284e00.jpegI found a total of 5 endler fry in her QT bin! Maybe my endler colony will resurrect...

Growth after a month and a half from setup (this is right after a big trim).

Not a fish related update, but my dragonscale alocasia flowered!!!

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