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Water Sprite won't grow and white, fizzy algae?

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Hey everyone!

I have a single betta, D'artagnan, in a 10 gallon tank with a bubble filter. There's a 50 watt heater that keeps the temp at 78F. I also have some java moss and water sprite. I bought the water sprite a couple weeks ago and they aren't doing so well. I have a plant light for them and it's on about 8 hours a day. I just bought some fertilizer, iron, and root tabs for them. Hopefully that will help my water sprite.  Does anyone have any tips on how to get rid of the white fuzzy algae? (please note, right now I cannot get shrimp or snails)

Also, enjoy a pic of D'artagnan (he doesn't have popeye, that's just a smudge on the glass)



dart 2.jpg

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I have four planted tanks with water sprite in them. It thrives in two of them dies in one, and barely hangs on in another. All four tanks test nearly identically and have similar lighting. They even have the same fish and substrate. Aquatic plants just do what they do. Anubias and java fern are tank agnostic. They grow well in every tank. Water sprite is iffier in some. Jungle val is even iffier. Even duckweed grows differently in different tanks for me. Java Fern, Java moss and anubias are the most reliable plants that grow anywhere for me. Red root floaters thrive in my 50 gallon tank, barely survive in my 20 and die elsewhere. This is life with aquatic plants. All get the same water, have similar if not identical substrates, the water tests similarly, similar lighting, but vastly different results. If a plant doesn't do well for you try something else or move it to a different tank. Aquatic plants are a bit weird.

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