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Identify Please - Newbie question

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I believe I have an algea and just want to be sure it is not harmful.  This is new in my tank.  If you can also help me identify the plant is it on I would appreciate it.  I think it is a Crypto but not sure.  I have a few of them and most of them are melting.  what.JPG.4ea80bcb6896c5226020a4a6683b6755.JPG

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I am by no means an expert but looks like hair algae.  If it is, Its not harmful, just a nuisance. If it get really out of hand it could kill the plant but you don't look anywhere near that. You can spot treat with either Easy Carbon, Excel, or Hydrogen Peroxide.  Spot treating means putting some of the aforementioned in a syringe or pipet and spraying it directly onto the algae. The algae will turn reddish brown and then die. It won't solve the root cause that is creating the algae but it will kill off what's there. 

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