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Garage Rack Brainstorm

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Hello everyone!

I am thinking about expanding the amount of aquariums in my garage but only have a limited amount of space to do so. Currently I have a 20 high and 2x 10s setup on my workbench but would like to regain the space and in the process create a dedicated fish tank rack. The only real spot I have to work with is in the 3rd bay of our garage where we have our home gym. The space available to me is about 50” wide, 80” tall and I can get away with 16-20” depth. I have no problem building my own rack and think I can maximize the space more by doing it myself. My goals are to have a good balance of display space as well as a few breeding/experimental tanks going. My current favorite ideas are either 4x 20 highs or maybe 2x 20highs and a 60 breeder above them. I am in no rush and really just thinking things through right now but figured I’d throw it out to the group and see if anyone wants to take a crack at some creative setups! Let me know any thoughts or ideas you have, nothing is off the table!

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Here are a few variations that I have come up with so far:

2x 20g highs w/ 1x 55g


2x 20g highs 1x 60 breeder


Tiered System that can hold 4x 20g highs or a combination of 20g highs and 10g


Any thoughts?

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