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Moina eggs / frozen

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I read that there is a moina egg capsule, from Thailand (Green Water farm, thanks @Guppysnail). I wonder before ordering it if I can achieve similar result with frozen or if the experiment I want to do is even possible.

I had a small luck with having moina hatch and live short while in my shrimp/indostomus tank simply because I fed a pinch of frozen moina which the fish didnt eat and then some time later, moina lived in the tank. I read it is because you can freeze a moina female with eggs and upon thawing they will wake up. I would like to achieve having having eggs or frozen moina put into a tank and have the moina hatch and breed for a while. Not a stable culture, just a bit to feed the fish. And rinse and repeat. I have no place for a 20l moina culture nor the time to maintain them. 

Did anyone actually accomplish that, is it a feasible approach?

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So I'm not sure if the frozen daphnia you but at the store will work or if it's too broken up.

I've used the eggs that you mentioned and had a moina culture going. Ironically, it was their fairly shrimp eggs though. The fairly shrimp hatched, died off, and then there were moina and they lasted a while.

I've also caught daphnia from a lake. I keep them in a ~15 gallon container in the back yard. A few weeks ago it froze solid and they all died. Now they are starting to come back. I was told that they can lay dormant eggs that can survive freezing.

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