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Python 🐍 system

josh world

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My faucet is similar but not exact. It should have come with a tool to remove the aerator in your faucet. The aerator would be the larger of the two circles. Once that's removed you may be able to find an adapter to get to the Python. I had to use two different adapters.

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6 minutes ago, Streetwise said:

@Daniel, what are the size and material specifications for the Python hook extension you added? That flexible tubing looks like a more pliable material.

I buy the inexpensive undergravel filters at Petco just to harvest the uplift tubing and I marry that with a 3/4" ID flexible hose from the hardware store. It just barely fits. You have to put the flexible tubing in boiling water for a second to get it pliable enough to slip over the Python and the uplift tube. I like the charcoal cartridges on the uplift tubes as they act as very effective fish guards.


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