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Adding a reverse flow undergravel filter to a sump

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I got lazy and for aesthetic reasons, I put the overflow box and water return lines from sump on the same side of the tank. As I should have expected, I got poor circulation in the tank. So while I have a spare tank around for a temporary home to the fish, I was thinking about connecting the sump return lines to a DIY undergravel filter.

 The sump has a fluidized bed filter and filter socks, I really don't need more filtration but it can't hurt. The primary goal is to improve water circulation, a constant slow flow thru the gravel up to the overflow boxes. Would this be beneficial to plants?

I did read  Why did the under gravel filter lose popularity? and tend to agree, undergravel filter work great. With sumps, HOB or canister filters, detritus will still settle into gravel substrate. Sand is the solution to keeping your substrate clean.  So if using gravel, an undergravel filter seems like a benefit to me. 

On my 29 gallon tank, connecting the Tidal HOB filter to an undergravel filter may be a future project.

EDIT: For a planted tank, I could just add the undergravel filter to the front of the tank ie: areas with no plants. 

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It would be interesting to see. I loved my UGFs but finally removed them because fry if all different types worked their way under one way or another and ripping them up to constantly retrieve filter fry was miserable. 

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