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Moss ball self healing?

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Today I took out my marimo moss balls (petco) that have been in my garage for over a year. Out of a tank for 2. But in water.  I got them before the mussel outbreak, and kept them since I knew it'll be hard to find again. 


I could've sworn I had just two.  One of them fell apart but I still used it. But today when I took it out to put in a new tank, I saw two balls and two pieces of the fallen apart one. 


Did that just grow back?  The ball shape I thought happened from currents. No currents in a container on a shelf. 

Or maybe my memory is failing me and I had 3 and one fell apart. 

Very strange.  







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On 3/6/2024 at 9:04 AM, Guppysnail said:

Maybe a small piece broke off and started growing. If I broke off a piece mine always still looked like a ball. 

I think that's likely. The one that fell apart I used have draped over a rock in the old tank. That, along with the intact ball, stayed in a container of water for over a year. Now there are two small fragments and two balls.  I just figured these things grow so slowly that even a year wouldn't show this kind of activity.  Maybe the cold and darkness accelerated something. 

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