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Super Red x Common Bristlenoses breeding. Updated 30/3

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I had a bit of trouble getting a 40g set up as a breeder for my bristlenose. 

I finally got it cycled and dropped my bn in went about my business. 

I was doing my weekly water change/maintenance and noticed a large amount of gravel in one of my caves. Then I saw a clutch of eggs. 

The male wasn't sitting on them, so I placed them in a breeder box. I lost a couple of mould, but managed to keep majority. 

2 failed to hatch properly, one sadly didn't make it much longer after hatching and one had a deformity where it was swimming in spirals. 

Out of all it I have counted about 50 fry. Waiting for full color to come through, but guessing they will be common with super red het gene as the male is super red. 







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Had to break the tanks down as we had to move over the weekend. 


The babies are currently sitting my 90l fattening up a bit, but when I cleaned out the big tank for the move there was one lonely little itty bitty plecos hiding away so he is now chilling with the big boys. 

Will need to get an updated photo! 

No deaths as of yet, and they are looking happy and healthy munching away on zucchini, green beans and algae wafers. 



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Here we go! 

Round 2! 


Recently moved and had to turn my large tank which was my breeder into my community tank as we don't have the room for 2 tanks. 

Woke up this morning to this Red boy sitting on eggs and platy fry everywhere. 


The first batch is growing well in the 90l while we finish cleaning up that house. They will be rehomed soon. 










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Update time! 

Second batch of BN have hatched. 

I was able to set up 2 x 30l tubs to separate the fry from the community and grow in piece. 


All but one of the platy fry got eaten before I have the fry tubs set up. The 90l will eventually be set up in the new house, but there is a lot of stuff that needs to be moved to make space. 

First batch are measuring 2-3cm (approx 1inch) at 6 weeks, almost ready to start moving on. 





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