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What does your aquarium look like?

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I am not sure why but I can't get the pics to post in order but this top pic is what the tank looked like about 2 months ago before I did slight rescape. This is about the 2 year mark.


This pic is what the tank looked like after the rescape but before I bought Val and Dwarf Sag to go behind the new structure. I will take an updated pic tonight and add it. This was 2 months ago so I would say this about 2 years still. Maybe 2 and a half.


This picture was at about the 1 year mark and it is when the tank looked its best imo. For some reason I thought it was cluttered at the time and changed it up and I have been chasing this ever since. 


This is a pic from today. You can see the dwarf sag to the right. There is Val behind the structure but it’s melting at the moment. Hopefully it comes back with a vengeance soon.


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20 Gallon initial set up (early 2022)


1.5 years later: overgrown (I can't find a full picture but the entire tank was dense with and completely full of plants.


Rescape: december 2023 (substrate changed, lots of plants removed)


Re-rescape January 2024 (driftwood, rocks, and more sand added)


I think that I like this current scape the most but I am definitely still working on it. I'm trying to fill in the space on the right better soon.


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Well, here we go. The first photo is of my 29g tank as it was set up 2 years ago. Mostly plastic plants with a couple of live Anubias and a Java fern. I eventually swapped the plastic plants for live. I also swapped out the Spider wood for a different piece 

The only original inhabitants are the Cardinal Tetra and The Nerite snail. The Albino Cory replaced the Panda Cory I originally had and I added a small group of Ember Tetra. There was a group of 8 Pea Puffers but sadly, they did not make it. The Bottom photo is what the tank looks like as of this evening



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My first effort in April of 2022



July 2022



Sept 2022



January 2023


March 2023


May 2023


July 2023


December 2023



mid February 2024

same tank, hopefully getting better…

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Set up my first tank (10g) in December of 2022 for a betta and a nerite.

One year and many plant casualties later…


let’s just say it’s getting there. The betta and nerite are still doing great. Lots has changed, I’ve learned a lot… and I want more plants.😂

And I’m ready for my next tank! Dreaming of 20 longs!!

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Mine really needed to seed and algae takes a good long while to grow. I would say I am still only halfway there after 1.5 years.


Emergent plants are really coming in now although I had some die back during these winter months. This tank looks so good in full sunlight! Algae looks brown now but turns vivid red and green. Something that my lights no matter how bright cant seem to reproduce





algae algae so much algae:






Gobies are much less camera shy now. Although I have to pay them in food or they get real cranky… divas

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On 2/29/2024 at 10:23 AM, NOLANANO said:

@Huckleberry I have the same 75G and stand from Petco (or petsmart? I get them confused). I really think its the best looking tank stand combo on the market at that price point.

I actually won this tank in a raffle when my lfs had an event. It was pretty crazy. 

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