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Betta mouth problem


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Hello everyone,

My betta has been losing colour quite a bit, so I assumed I just bought an already older one when I got him in the spring. The size difference between him and my October betta is significant. He’s also gotten a lot slower.

Yesterday I noticed something that originally looked white on his mouth from above when I fed him. Was in a rush going to work so I didn’t have time to look more. Today, however, I’m starting to think he has a mouth wound. He is still able to gulp air and eat, but he is definitely showing less enthusiasm.




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That does look like damage to me as well. Would suggest making sure he has low stress (dim the lights for a bit and make sure the water temp is good) and clean water. I don't have a lot of experience with salt and a betta so I would do some research and if it looks safe would also add some aquarium salt after the water change.

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I started treating with melafix yesterday hoping it would help prevent infection while things healed up. I also got a new heater for him to keep the water warmer as my tanks have been struggling with the cold here. This morning he was more active and quicker getting food. I thought we were improving.

Now I don’t know what’s happening. He’s now hanging on the bottom of the tank and not moving except to come for air. He used to be really active and follow me around from the tank and now he won’t even look at me. I did get him to eat food (Hikari pellets), but it was pretty horrific as I discovered more of his mouth is gone and he immediately started oozing blood from his mutilated jaw.

The picture I’m attaching here is not of my fish, just for demonstration purposes. I’ve drawn what is now missing from my fish as I’ve been unable to get the fish to look my way.

Keep medicating and hoping for the best? Or put him out of his misery?


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