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Help, what’s wrong with my new neon tetra?


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Hey everyone - I bought some new neon tetras from my LFS about a week ago and they seemed to be settling in well. But today I noticed one of them has a bit of a gray patch on its spine. It’s not fluffy or anything. Any ideas? I have moved the little one to a separate QT tank for now. 

The tank is a 22G long and cycled (5 nitrate, 0 nitrite and 0 ammonia, pH ~7.4, temp 75F, filtered, 25-50% water change every other day for 1st week). Only other fish are some false julii Cory’s I bought the same day.



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Light patches like this can be caused by columnaris that's a gram negative bacterial infections that spreads more rapidly at higher temperatures and can kill in 24hr to 7days for the cold water stains the most effective treatment is a combination of kanaplex and jungal fungus clear fizz tabs containing nitrofurazone following this treatment plan 


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