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New fish room and pond, soft water, help

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I am in need of some information, I have searched many forums and can’t seem to get a straight answer. I will be moving soon to an area with soft unstable water. PH 6.4/ KH 1dkh/ GH 2dgh, and I have never delt with soft water before. I will be looking at about 400 gallons worth of tanks in my fish room and 600 gallons of pond. I have mostly fish that need a ph of 7.4 and higher. I have watched the co-op videos and am aware that I need to use crushed coral. My questions are as follows:

Question 1) Where could I get bulk supply of CC as I will need about 100 lbs?

Question 2) About how long before adding my fish into the tanks should I wait for the PH/KH/GH to raise and become stable?

Question 3) Upon doing water changes, will the parameters change and could it be harmful to my fish?

Question 4) I saw that CC raise PH and KH but not so much GH. Do I need to add in wonder shell as well?

Question 5) This will be the first time for me having a pond. How should I approach using CC in my pond or should I?







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In addition to oyster shell. you can use chicken grit. which is crushed limestone. which would be much cheaper in bulk. both should be found in stores that carry supplies for farm animals. Rural King or tractor supply here. If chickens can use it to promote eggshell health, there should be no issues in pond water. cuttle bone can also be used in your indoor aquariums. the kind they use for small birds. You'll just have to experiment and see what works for you after adding.

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On 2/21/2024 at 2:37 PM, Bettakeeper86 said:

Question 1) Where could I get bulk supply of CC as I will need about 100 lbs?

If you have a LFS you can probably ask them to order in a large bag for you. Often they keep lots of CC in supply if they do saltwater as well and should be able to help you

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