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Discovered a great way to feed FD Tubifex


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Hey Guys,


Today, we were chatting with two fishkeeper friends and one asked a question about FD tubifex. I asked them what technique do they use to feed it, because it is painful to make them sink for me, and my fish is not interested to eat from the glass in general. They showed me the video of how they do it, and let me tell you, I am impressed. Because even my previous attempts of presoaking it was a failure.


Basically, you take out the plunger and put a cube of FD tubifex inside the barrel. Then, draw some tank water in, not too much, just enough to keep the cube covered. Then, cover the plain tip of the syringe  with your finger to block air to enter, and for couple times make the movement like you are trying to draw some liquid. This action causes the air trapped inside the FD Tubifex cube come out, yo ucan literally see them as bubbles. You let the trapped air release and repeat it a couple times.

Afterwards, when you are done with getting rid of the trapped air inside, you just remove the plunger and drop the cube in.


I wanted to share this technique and hope it helps some people.


The video is in Turkish but I am sharing it below to help visualising it.


Hello @Cory, I believe you may find this topic useful as ACoop sells FD Tubifex. I remember a video where you were explaining Dean's method and your stick to the glass method back then. This might be a good alternative I think

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On 2/19/2024 at 12:14 AM, TeeJay said:

Now I'm going to have to give this a try. My fish as well do not like to take them off the glass. And no matter how long I pre soak them they will not sink like this.

I know right. Exactly my experience. In a level couple days ago I noticed I dont even feed the cubes and basically it has been sitting in the fridge for months unfed because it is annoying.

I will give it a try and update if it worked for me too. I didnt have a chance to try it yet, I learnt about it today.

In the video, the first attempt to release the air bubbles does not work, but the following attempts were successful. He mentions it in Turkish, so I would like to clarify what sucessfull and unsuccessful attempts look like. You can see the air bubbles removed from the cube👍🏻

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