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Archer fish aggression

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I have 3 archers (not sure which species, one of the brackish ones) in a 90g, and one has become overly dominant. He was the only archer for a while and used to always be at the top of the tank, once I got 2 more he started chasing them to the bottom and now they are always done there looking stressed and he stays in the middle and chases them if they come out. Should I add 2 more archers to spread out aggression? 

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Yeah archerfish need to have a group. There will be some infighting at first but the aggression should go away after awhile. 

Especially if you have had 1 and now have 3. I would add a few more roughly the same age and you need good sight breaks in the tank. They are incredibly intelligent fish and social like piranha they will need to establish order amongst the ranks. So to speak

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I've always had 5 archers and have not once seen any aggression. So I don't have experience breaking up squabbles, but perhaps a larger group is the answer 

On 2/16/2024 at 8:10 PM, BlueLineAquaticsSC said:

Not exclusively, but they do occasionally get crickets, grasshoppers, and flys

Yeah ill second this they don't need an insect diet at all, I give mine insects mostly because I already have a few kinds of my gecko. 

Surprisingly they arent as quick to go after the insects as youd think. Mine are super picky about dry food but have one they really like and they go after that quicker. 

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